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Testimonials from Software Clients

This software was a life-changer. It allowed me as a new and smaller developer to produce pro-forma financial models comparable to most experienced and larger developers in town. In fact, my bank, investors and even (gov't agency) officials wanted to know how I had such a robust modeling program.
WP, Maryland, USA  WP, Maryland, USA
I use your software for my various real estate development programs which has exceeded any other financial package.
Two for one: quick personal support from the program's creator AND a well-organized decision-making system.
DF, Pennsylvania, USA  DF, Pennsylvania, USA
How can we advertise your kind and immediate and comprehensive response aka customer service. 2???
DF, Pennsylvania, USA  DF, Pennsylvania, USA
Thanks for the update - as always I am constantly learning new ways to use your financial tools, without a doubt your hard work has saved me lots of time and made my pro forma presentations professional and accurate.
MR, Florida, USA  MR, Florida, USA
In my 25+ years in the tech business I have never seen such a great piece of work done in Excel!! Job well done!
MB, North Carolina, USA  MB, North Carolina, USA
I spent time working with the pro forma yesterday. I really like the product! You did a wonderful job putting it together. I very much appreciate your willingness to assist me with my project.
Thanks for sending me the codes last weekend. I was very pleased that you responded on the holiday weekend, as I was able to put together a great presentation with your program.
DG, New Jersey, USA  DG, New Jersey, USA
This really is one of the best spreadsheets that I have seen.
CR, Oregon, USA  CR, Oregon, USA
I have tried out your free demo (and bought it)... I love this software
CP, Idaho, USA   CP, Idaho, USA
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